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Contact Information

The Auxiliary Housing office is located at 125-127 Waterman Street, rear entrance.

For inquiries regarding the following: Contact:

  • Visiting Scholar Housing
  • Graduate student housing program
  • Parking letters for Brown-owned housing

Betty Cotoia
Visiting Scholar Coordinator
(401) 863-2016

  • General graduate/undergraduate student leasing inquiries and information
  • Key control/distribution

Ronni Edmonds
Auxilliary Housing Coordinator
(401) 863-2541

  • Auxiliary Housing Off-Campus Housing Services (Listing Service)

Michele Franco
Real Estate Coordinator
(401) 863-5482

  • Parking assignment availability for Brown-owned housing
  • Tenant invoicing
  • Accounts payable/accounts receivable

Tina Thompson
Real Estate & Auxiliary Housing Financial Coordinator

  • Auxilliary Housing leasing and management
  • Brown-owned off-campus housing and relocation assistance
  • Brown-to-Brown Home Ownership Program
  • Haffenreffer Estate in Bristol, RI

Tracy Mansour
Director, Auxiliary Housing
(401) 863-7824

Financial Coordinator for Residential Life

(401) 863-2014, 4th floor, Graduate Center, Building E, 75 Thayer Street