Community and Neighbor Considerations

The University fully supports the sponsorship and organization of events and programs that contribute to the campus and local communities. Brown also expects that event organizers will be mindful of the potential impact their event may have on our neighbors. As you plan events and programs, take some time to consider the following:

  • How can my event positively contribute to relations between Brown and the surrounding community? Might community members be interested in coming to my event?
  • What impact might participant behavior (at the event and going to/from the event) have on neighbors? How do I set and communicate expectations to potential participants?
  • How can I minimize the volume of my event? How critical is sound/amplification to my program and have I selected an appropriate location given the necessary level?
  • What potential concerns might be raised by neighbors? How can advance communication and information minimize these concerns? How will I respond to any concerns that come to our attention at the event?

If you are having an outdoor event that may impact the neighboring community, you should get a license from the city.

Please notify the staff of Community Affairs if you have any reason to believe that your event may impact neighbors so that they may provide advice and assistance.

While designed for students living off-campus, the Guide to Off-Campus Living has two sections that provide additional useful information:

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