Decorations and Sets


Construction of sets must confirm to all fire safety, electrical, and other regulations. Please consult with Event Support Services and Environmental Health and Safety prior to any construction.

More information available in the Performing Arts Safety Program provided by Environmental Health and Safety.


All decorations, wall coverings or sound insulation must be flame retardant, as specified in the fire code. Contact the Fire Safety Office with any questions concerning the flammability of materials in the space.

The following guidelines apply when decorating University spaces [more specific information available for Sayles Hall].

  • No balloons in Sayles Hall, Meehan Auditorium, Alumnae Hall, or the Watson Institute for International Studies. Balloons may be used in other areas, as long as they are secured or tied down. If any balloons “escape,” your group will be charged to remove balloons. The reason for the prohibition in these spaces is that they use a special type of smoke detector called a "beam detector." Balloons can partially obscure a beam detector signal and cause an alarm.
  • No decorations that can burn such as paper, plastic and cloth: see the Fire Safety Office document "Overview of Fire Safety for Events Policy" for more information
  • No decorations of any kind on portraits, portrait frames, or portrait lights.
  • No fog machines.
  • No dry ice.
  • No use of clear scotch tape, masking tape, duct tape, staples, push pins, or velcro on the walls. Decorations may be hung using painters tape, invisible tape or “blue stuff.”
  • No tying or taping of decorations to air vents.
  • No candles.

For a nominal charge Facilities Management will supply sign standards for decorations that you may want to set up in the room.

Facilities Management will not supply ladders or tools to any group.

Any violation of the above will be reported to the Department of Public Safety, causing your event to be closed down.

Alumnae Hall Windows and Curtains

The curtains in Alumnae Auditorium were designed for decoration purposes for the room and are not for function.  The curtains are attached directly to the wall - not the rods and were installed to remain tied-back at all times.

The shades in the hall can be pulled down to shield the view from outside of the hall.

When using Alumnae Auditorium, please be sure to close all windows prior to departing the hall; otherwise, the curtains and shades become damaged by rain and wind.

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