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IMPORTANT NOTE: Your event location is subject to change should a credit-bearing course need the space you have been assigned by the University Scheduling Office. Courses may still be moved or added between now and the end of shopping period, September 16, 2014.

For Non-Academic Room Bookings and Green Space Requests: Submit your Space Request Form.
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Please Note: We do not book every space on campus. If you do not find the space you are looking for, you may wish to visit our list of other On-Campus Spaces to review their booking processes.

For Cancellations: Please email scheduler@brown.edu or call us at (401) 863-6217. Groups must separately cancel their own service arrangements with each individual provider (Media Technology Services, Facilities, Catering, etc).

For Course-related Inquiries: Please email scheduler@brown.edu or call us at (401) 863-6217.

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