Space Directory

The directory below lists only spaces booked by the University Scheduling Office. For a list of other available spaces, please visit either our list of Other On-Campus Rooms and Venues or our list of Off-Campus Rooms and Venues. You may also wish to visit our listing of Outdoor Spaces.

Building Location
Alumnae Hall 194 Meeting St.
Barus & Holley 184 Hope St.
Building for Environmental Reasearch & Teaching (BERT) - formerly Hunter Lab 85 Waterman St.
(Under construction Fall 2013)
BioMed 171 Meeting St.
Center for Information Technology (CIT) 115 Waterman St.
Faunce House (See Robert Center) 75 Waterman St.
Green Spaces (Outdoor Spaces) various locations
Hunter Lab (See BERT) 85 Waterman St.
J. Walter Wilson Hall 69 Brown St.
Kassar House 151 Thayer St.
List Art 64 College St.
MacMillan Hall 167 Thayer St.
Metcalf Research Building 188 Thayer St.
Partridge Hall (TWC) 68 Brown St.
Pembroke Field House 171 Cushing St.
Rhode Island Hall 60 George St.
Robert Center 75 Waterman St.
Rockefeller Library 10 Prospect St.
Salomon Center for Teaching The College Green
Sayles Hall The College Green
Sciences Library 201 Thayer St.
Smith-Buonanno Hall 95 Cushing St.
TF Green Hall 7 Young Orchard St.
Vartan Gregorian Quad (VGQ) 101 Thayer St.
Wilson Hall The College Green

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