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Form Name:


Used for:

  • Notification to Accounts Payable that the goods or services ordered on a University Purchase Order have been received.
    NOTE: This form is the yellow copy of the University Purchase Order form.

  • In the case of notification of partial receipt, the form entitled Notification of Receipt of Partial Shipment should be used.

  • This form is not required on purchase orders of less than $300.00.

Required Fields:

Received By: Signature and date is required by an authorized department representative who has some knowledge that the good or services have been received in a satisfactory manner.

This signature and date can be anywhere near the bottom of the form.

Submission of this form indicates that the department authorizes payment of the order.

Documents to Attach:

None required.

Where to Send:

Send from to Accounts Payable, Box, J.

How to Obtain:

Purchasing department mails this copy to the department indicated on the Purchase Requisition. Department should retain until order is completed.

Special Notes:

  • At fiscal year end, expenses are recorded based upon whether the University has taken possession of good and materials ordered. In order to properly classify expenses in the correct fiscal year, it is imperative that the Receiving Copy be promptly submitted for goods and services received by June 30.