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Gifts, Prizes, Awards, Raffles, and Donations


University departments may incur an expense, in the form of a gift, on behalf of an employee or an employee's immediate family, for the following events:

  1. Recognition of a long-term employee leaving a department or retiring from the University. A general guideline is $10.00 for every year of service. Such gifts should not exceed $400, the maximum non-taxable limit established by the IRS, for gifts of recognition to long-term employees.
  2. Illness of an employee or student, requiring hospitalization. A recommended limit for this gift is $75.00.
  3. The death of an employee or an employee's immediate family member. Memorial gifts made on behalf of an employee may include flowers or a donation to a charitable organization. In such cases Brown University should be acknowledged as the sender, e.g., "from all your friends and colleagues at (University department)." In the case of a donation to a charity, the notation should indicate the donation is from the University department. A recommended limit for this gift is $75.00.

Gifts in recognition of employee work-related achievement or years of service are allowable as provided through official recognition programs authorized by the Human Resources Department. Any exception to this policy must be pre-approved at the senior officer level.

Holiday gifts for faculty, staff, students and volunteers purchased with any University funds are unallowable.

Gifts to an individual for personal reasons other than those indicated above (e.g. Administrative Assistant Day, birthday, wedding, baby shower, housewarming, promotion, etc.) may not be charged to University accounts. Personal contributions among colleagues is the method of providing such gifts.