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Personal Car Usage Guidelines

Employees may use their personal car for business purposes if it is to save time, transport equipment or reduce costs when a number of people are traveling to the same destination. Frequent use of personal vehicles for business travel is discouraged.

If a traveler chooses to use a personal car for travel to his/her destination, the cost must be less than or equal to coach class air travel.

Insurance for Personal Car Use

It is the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle being used for business purposes to carry adequate insurance coverage (state mandatory insurance requirement at minimum) for their protection and the protection of any passengers. When using a personal car for University business, an employee's personal car insurance carrier is the primary insurance carrier. Brown's insurance will only cover liability claims in excess of the owner's policy limit. It does not cover collision damage, theft or insurance deductibles.

Reimbursement for Personal Car Usage

Travelers will be reimbursed for business usage of personal cars at the Federal government's prevailing rate per mile. A new rate is issued each January and notification is sent to all departments (Annual Spending Guidelines) . The automobile mileage allowance assumes coverage of all transportation and operating costs including gas, oil, towing charges, repairs, auto insurance and damages. Tolls and parking will be reimbursed in addition to the allowance.

Employees will not be reimbursed for any of the following, even if these costs were incurred during business travel:

  • car repairs
  • rental car costs during repair of personal car
  • tickets, fines, or traffic violations
  • damage to personal vehicle
  • theft of personal vehicle or vehicle content

Reimbursement for Car Service

Use of a private sedan or car service will be reimbursed only if the cost is less than other available modes of transportation or if a valid business reason precludes the use of a more economical mode of transportation.

Luxury limousine services are not reimbursable.