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Child Support, Tax Levies, & Garnishment FAQ



What is a garnishment?

A legal order received by the Payroll Office requiring withholding from an employee’s pay check to satisfy a debt (including child support).

What types of garnishments are there and what are they for?

There are three basic types of earnings garnishments:

  • Child Support Orders
  • Tax Levies (unpaid Federal or State income taxes)
  • Creditor Garnishments (unpaid obligations to creditors)

How much will be deducted from my pay?

Most court orders specify a dollar amount to be deducted by the employer from your pay and remitted to the associated party.  If you have any questions regarding the amount currently withheld from your pay, please contact either the Payroll Manager or the Payroll Supervisor at

Can these amounts be modified?

Brown University will only withhold the amounts that are court ordered and can only change the amounts withheld if ordered by the courts to do so.

Employees should seek legal counsel to request a change in the amount from the courts.

I just received my paycheck and I have a deduction for a garnishment, levy, or court order. I do not know anything about this, what should I do?

You should have received notice well in advance of the start of the mandatory withholding.  You may contact the Payroll Manager or Payroll Supervisor at for further garnishment information, including the name of the attorney to contact.

How can I have the garnishment stopped?

Brown University must receive written notification from the proper authorities to change amounts or stop court ordered withholding.  That information can be sent by the attorney or courts to the Payroll Office, Box 1873, Providence, RI 02912.