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February 25, 2010 (updated 3/15/2010)

Subject:  Introducing Pay Check+ at Brown University

We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new University payroll initiative designed to improve the delivery of payroll information to its employees.  In partnership with ADP Financial Services, Pay Check+ provides several improvements to our current procedures used to deliver payroll checks, direct deposit advices, and W-2’s to all Faculty, Staff, and Students.  While Brown has contracted for select services through ADP to offer these new features and enhancements, it is important to note the changes will not impact our current processes for payroll setup, time collection, or the HR system calculations used in generating our payrolls.

What is Pay Check+?

Pay Check+ includes the following 3 components:

  • Pay Stub Enhancements:
    • Full viewing of all deductions (some employees currently have multiple deductions and all are not able to print on our current stub);
    • A new format and layout of your pay stub (8 ½” X 11”);
    • Inclusion of W-4 Withholding information on your stub;
    • A new service that allows you to view and print your pay stub via the internet, whenever and wherever it is convenient for you; and
    • Pay statements via the internet will allow for 36 months of on-line pay stub history.
  • Payroll Calculator & W-4 Assistant:
    • Powerful tools that do all the gross-to-net calculations to estimate take-home (net) pay and assist in completing Form W-4 (tax withholding exemptions).
  • On-Line W-2’s:
    • Beginning January of 2011 (next year's W-2) employees may view and print their W-2 from a secure website.
    • The ability to download W-2 information into tax preparation software (software with whom ADP has partnership agreements).


Pay Check+ is expected to commence in May.


Pay Date










On-line pay stubs and history is expected to be available in mid to late April for all employees, as well as the ability to suppress printed pay stubs for those employees who participate in direct deposit.

Who is included?

  • All active employees.
  • Terminated employees.
  • Retirees.

Once again, for employees on Direct Deposit, advices can be printed directly from the internet and you can suppress the printed copy.  This means you’ll no longer need to worry about picking up your advice or having it mailed or held while you are on vacation.  This also means that employees who have left the service of Brown will no longer need to call.  They can access their pay stubs and W-2’s quickly and easily via the internet.

How will it work?

Our plan is that commencing with the April payrolls, all employees will receive the expanded pay stubs.  Employees on direct deposit can help us go green and elect to suppress the printed copy of their “Advice of Deposit” and receive only their electronic copy, which can be printed easily and directly from the internet starting in mid to late April.

For Additional Information

A Morning Mail announcing this will be sent out in the next few days and additional information about the project will be available on the Controller’s Office website at the following URL starting in mid-March:

If you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to email

We hope you will enjoy these new improvements.  We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with these new services and enhancements.

Thank you,

Don Schanck

Doreen Burgers