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Things To Know About The Semi-Monthly Payroll

The semi-monthly payroll is used to pay most regular non-exempt, staff members. In addition, graduate students on appointments and fellowships are paid on this payroll.

Pay day for the semimonthly payroll is the 15th of the month and the last working day of the month. If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, payday is the last working day prior to the 15th.

The time sheets (green) are sent out by the Payroll Office to the department’s campus box address. They are mailed on pay day for the following pay period. They must be signed by an authorized departmental employee and returned by the cut-off date indicated the table "Deadlines and Pay dates".

If a new employee is not yet on the time sheet, they may still receive a paycheck, IF the Personnel Action From (PAF) has been submitted to Human Resources and the employee record has been created in the HR system. The department should add the employee name to the time sheet although this action in itself does not create a paycheck.

You must submit a Personnel Action Form (PAF) in order to change or add information on the time sheets.

All individuals listed on the time sheet will be paid accordingly unless a PAF has been submitted to change the employee record in the HR system. Crossing out an employee’s name on the time sheet does not stop a paycheck from being generated.

One-time adjustments to an individual’s pay must be submitted on a Payroll Adjustment Form. This includes adjustments for special assignment, special pay, or reduction for overpayments.

Overtime is paid on the semimonthly payroll. For a detailed explanation refer to the Human Resources website for the Overtime and Compensatory Time for Employees in Nonexempt Positions policy. Overtime hours should be indicated on the time sheet by placing an (X) in the first column, the earn type code 020, 030, or 040 (see "General Information", and the number of hours (in Time field).
020 Straight OT: hours paid at one times the employee's hourly rate
030 Time and one-half OT: hours paid one and one-half times the employee's hourly rate
040 Double OT: hours paid at two times the employee's hourly rate

Direct deposit is available to all employees on this payroll. The form and procedure is available under the site "Forms". All new and/or changes to direct deposit require two pay periods to take effect. In the first pay period after the action is requested, the bank(s) require a ‘pre-note’ process be followed. This process is important in that if there is an error in the bank transit number or account number, the bank can notify us and a correction can be made without affecting the employee’s pay.

See also General Payroll Information for information regarding: 1)changing federal/state tax withholding, 2) requesting a duplicate W2 or 1042S form, 3)change of address or campus box, 4)graduate fellowship payments.