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Table of Contents

Section 1 - General
Section 2 – General Accounting
Section 3 – Revenue & Treasury
Section 4 - Disbursements
Section 5 - Insurance


Section 1 - General

Conflict of Interest            
Training & Education
Financial Reports

Section 2 – General Accounting

Financial System Account Structure
On-line System
Reading Monthly Reports
Sub code Structure
Transaction References
Processing Accounting Transactions
Interdepartmental Invoices
Salary reallocations
Creating Accounts

Departmental Service Centers

Establishing Rates
Rate Review, Approval and Adjustments

Facilities & Administrative Cost Rates  
Fringe Benefits
Restricted Endowment Yield Accounts
Restricted Current Use Gift Accounts
Restricted Special Purpose Accounts           
Financial Records Data Warehouse

Section 3 – Revenue & Treasury

Tuition/Fee Rate Schedules
Billing Schedule
Reading the Student Account Statement
Payment Information   

Installment Pay Plan – Undergraduate
Installment Pay Plan – Graduate/Medical
Tuition Pre-Payment Plan
Refund Policy
Student tuition tax information

Receipt of Funds
Check Transactions
Wire Transfers  

Brown Card

Declining Balance Accounts
Brown Card Services
Terms & Conditions
Lost or Damaged Cards

Section 4 - Disbursements           

Principles and Standards                  
Vendor Relations and Business Ethics          
Solicitation of Bids and Proposals
Non-Building Renovation/Construction
Building renovation/Construction    
Sole Source/Single Source Justification                                           
Standard Terms and Conditions   
Web Requisition Process
Preferred Vendors                                                                                  
University Purchasing Card     
Applying for the Card                                                                                 
Purchasing with the Card                                                              
Reconciling Monthly Card Purchases, Transaction Log                                                    
Making Changes to Card Status
Sales Tax Exemption        

PROFESSIONAL SERVICE AGREEMENTS                                                                  

Employee Business Expenses                                                                  
Home internet charges
Mobile Communication Devices


Employee Moving Expenses
Petty Cash Fund         

General Employee Information
Deadlines and Pay Dates
Monthly Payroll
Semi-Monthly Payroll
Weekly Payroll
Student Payroll                                                                                                
Direct Deposit                                                                                       
Pay Adjustments/Special Pay Forms
Overtime & Compensatory Time

Section 5 - Insurance

General Information
Property insurance
Automobile Use

Driver training, safety, and vehicle use
Rental car coverage

Workers Compensation
Insurance requirements – vendors
Insurance requirements – use of facilities
Student Health insurance
Student Dental programs
Student Property insurance
Tuition Refund insurance program
International SOS Travel Assistance Program


July, 2006