Brown University Copyright and Fair Use

Brown University
 Sample Accountability Statement

The following statement of accountability is intended to assist support staff who work with copyrighted materials, and to clarify their role. Faculty and others who work with these staff may be asked to sign this statement indicating that they take responsibility for following copyright law and Brown's policies thereon.

I understand that it is my personal responsibility to abide by US copyright law and the principles of fair use and to apply them in a manner consistent with Brown University’s policy. There are many Brown University staff and student employees who work behind service desks or in departments that support the development of course materials, etc. They are not trained experts in copyright law and cannot be held accountable for knowing what is and what is not allowed under copyright law. There are staff members available to provide guidance, based on personal experience, but they are in no way qualified to speak as copyright or legal experts. Tools and resources to aid in understanding and applying the law are available at the following website:

By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read and understand this statement.