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Committee on Academic Standing

The Committee on Academic Standing (CAS) is a faculty committee responsible for monitoring the academic progress of undergraduate students at Brown. The committee comprises four faculty members, three deans from the office of the Dean of the College, and the Registrar, working in consultation with other deans from the College and the Office of Student Life. At the end of each semester, CAS reviews the progress of all students in the College. The names of those who are having academic difficulty are brought before the committee, and a recommendation is made by the appropriate academic dean. Depending on the severity of the case, the Committee may place students on warning or serious warning; or it may refuse to allow students to register for the next semester until certain requirements are met; or it may suspend a student for a year or more.

N.B. If you are having academic difficulty in a particular semester, we advise you to see an academic dean as soon as possible, and not to wait until the end of the semester. Seeking advice early may prevent your case from ever reaching the CAS.

The Committee also considers requests from students who wish to alter their academic plans in other ways. Those who wish to add a fifth year of study to complete an A.B./Sc.B, or an A.B./A.M., for example, or those who wish to return to Brown after a personal leave-of-absence, will need to petition the Chair of the CAS to have their case considered. For further information, contact Dean Kathleen McSharry.