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Peggy Chang

Director, Curricular Resource Center

In August 2009 Peggy became the Director of the Curricular Resource Center (CRC), following a year of work as the Director of the Engaged Life Partnership, an initiative dedicated to creating more opportunities for students to connect their liberal educations to living lives of meaning and purpose. At the CRC she works with various deans, faculty members, departments, and the twelve CRC student coordinators on ten academic and peer-advising programs, including independent studies and concentrations, Careers in the Common Good, the Theories in Action conference for seniors, and the Department Undergraduate Groups (DUGs). She has facilitated numerous discussions and workshops for students about advising, activism and leadership, and public interest / nonprofit careers. She is a co-author of Providence's Benefit Street (Acadia Publishers, June 2013) and a recipient of the Association of American Colleges & Universities / Bridging Theory to Practice seminar grant.

For twelve years she was the Executive Director of the Venture Consortium, a group of colleges committed to offering programs for students and resources for consortium faculty and staff about experiential learning for social responsibility. Before that, she started her career at Brown as Coordinator of the Curricular Resource Center from 1994-1996. She graduated from Brown with an A.B. in American civilization in 1993 and completed her masters degree in Public Humanities (at Brown) in 2013.

Originally from Long Island, New York, she lives in Warwick, RI with her husband and two sons.