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Solsbery Summer Research Fellowship

Applications due March 31

Are you interested in studying risk-taking behavior in young people? The Solsbery Fellowship awards up to three Brown students $3,000 each for summer research on risk factors that compromise normal development in adolescents. Undergraduates from any concentration are welcome to apply.

Working under the direction and guidance of a Brown faculty member, students may explore such topics as self regulation, substance abuse, unintended pregnancies, poor school performance or dropping out, violence, and bullying. Student recipients present their findings during the subsequent academic years Center for the Study of Human Development colloquium.

To apply, please submit the following items no later than March 31:

  • A 1-2 page proposal of your intended research
  • A budget of your research costs, including your stipend, materials, travel, etc.
  • A letter of recommendation from the Brown faculty member who will supervise your research
  • An official Brown transcript

Send the packet, including all materials, to the Center for the Study of Human Development, Brown University, Campus Box 1831. Applications may be hand delivered at 133 Waterman Street. Contact Stephen Buka at or 401-863-6224 with any questions.

About the Fellowship

The Solsbery Fellowship was established in 1996 in memory of Paul and Charles Solsbery, two boys whose lives were tragically cut short by violence. Founders of the Fund—Wendy Rowden (76), John Carton (76) and Lee Solsbery (76), the boys father—wanted to ensure that the childrens legacy was not one of senseless loss but of help to others. To that end, they created the Solsbery Endowment to promote research into the prevention of behavioral misadventures, including accidents, suicide, homicide, and other conditions limiting longevity in young people. The Fund has been made possible through the generous support of the original donors as well as numerous other Brown alumni.