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Research at Brown Grants

Click here to apply for a RAB grant.

Research at Brown (RAB) grants support student-initiated research projects in the sciences, the humanities, and the fine arts. The Program supports student research and travel to present papers at conferences. Students may submit proposals for up to $500 of funding at any time. Applications are considered on a rolling basis.

The RAB budget is divided into spring and fall allocations. When each semester’s allocations are spent, new applications cannot be considered until the next funding cycle. Students are therefore encouraged to submit proposals as early as possible. Dean Oludurotimi Adetunji oversees the RAB Grant. The primary contact for queries about the application can be directed to

Examples of Support Available through RAB:

  1. Materials for a student research project, as long as those materials are not available to the student through existing laboratories or facilities at Brown. For example, students have needed supplies to conduct a specific experiment, but the laboratory in which they were working did not have the supplies and did not have a budget to purchase them.
  2. Travel to a laboratory, observatory, or other research center when materials or data are not available at Brown or through interlibrary loan.
  3. Funding for materials for thesis-related work, when the department does not have these materials or cannot pay for these materials out of its budget.
  4. Travel to conferences to present papers and/or posters. Funding is intended to partially cover costs of travel, registration fees, and limited per diem expenses.
  5. Travel to attend a conference and not present a paper. The conference must be closely related to a research project. Proposals will be considered for funding if money is still available after material cost grants, paper presentation, and research travel grants have been awarded. These proposals require a clearly stated rationale for the particular value of a conference to the advancement of a research project. In some cases, RAB funds have supported travel for students attending an advanced research conference with their faculty advisors.

RAB Funding is not available for the following:

  1. Salary support for a student. (See UTRA for salary support for research.) Note: Students at Brown (as at most schools) cannot earn both course credit and wages or stipends for the same research hours.
  2. Reimbursement for expenses already incurred. Support is only for research planned or in progress.
  3. Purchase of computers, hard-drives, or servers.
  4. Expensive travel and accommodations when less expensive options are available.
  5. Purchase of expensive equipment items such as DV cameras, editors, and video projectors. If demand for such items exists, we will purchase one of each for students to share.