This online Emergency Action Plan (EAP) Training has been developed by Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) to help ensure that Brown students, faculty, staff and guests are prepared for emergency situations. The EAP includes plans for emergency incidents such as:

  • fires
  • personal Injury
  • severe weather
  • gas leaks
  • chemical spills
  • suspicious packages
  • bomb threats
  • hostile intruder

No one can predict exactly when or where emergencies will occur. It is important to be prepared to react to emergency situations at any time and to be familiar with Brown University's Emergency Action Plan (EAP). If you have a plan and are prepared in advance for the most common types of emergencies, you are more likely to remain calm, know what actions to take and avoid injury.

This training is expected to take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Throughout the training you will be asked quiz questions. Successful completion of this course will require you to answer each quiz question correctly. To receive credit for completing this course, you will be required to submit a completion form at the end of the training module. The written Emergency Action Plan is available at the EHS web site ( ) or upon request at 401-863-3353.