Brown University News Bureau

The Brown University News Bureau

Distributed December 17, 1993
Contact: Mark Nickel

Statement by Walter H. Annenberg

I am deeply troubled by the violence in some grade schools and high schools, and if this continues, it will not only erode the educational system but will destroy our way of life in the United States.

We must ask ourselves whether improving education will halt the violence. If anyone can think of a better way, we may have to try that, but the way I see this tragedy, education is the most wholesome and effective approach.

I do not believe the Annenberg Foundation's $500 million challenge grant over five years will do the whole job. This must be a challenge to the nation. At this point I can't see any other way to guarantee our nation's future. A number of foundations and corporations already are providing funds to aid schools in what has become a nationwide education reform movement. It will take individual giving, corporate giving, and foundation giving to do the job. I believe those who control sizable funds should feel an obligation to join this crusade for the betterment of our country.

Ambassador Walter H. Annenberg
Delivered in the White House
December 17, 1993