Statement by Dr. Martin Keller

April 12, 1996

After more than three months of detailed investigation by one of the nation's most respected accounting firms, I am gratified that the citizens of Massachusetts, the University community, and my professional colleagues now have a clear, independent, authoritative and unambiguous answer to recent allegations. Brown University's Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior went above and beyond the requirements of its contract with the Corrigan Mental Health Center, delivering a full measure of resources and services and contributing to the development of Corrigan as a participant in a nationally renowned teaching and research program.

It is my sincere hope that this report will finally put to rest the unfounded allegations, anonymous charges and careless reports that have attacked the reputation of an excellent clinical and academic department. I am grateful to Brown University and to Coopers & Lybrand for undertaking a thorough investigation and for making a public disclosure of the results.

Five years ago, the Corrigan Mental Health Center had no academic infrastructure and no significant experience in administering complex programs of professional research and training. Through its relationship with Brown's psychiatry department, Corrigan now has:

To have accomplished all this in five years is an unprecedented achievement for Brown and Corrigan and represents an extraordinarily successful investment of public funds by the State of Massachusetts. I believe this public-private partnership will continue to make a substantial contribution to those who suffer from mental illness now and in the future.

(Dr. Keller made this statement from Arizona, where he was attending a conference. It was distributed by his office.)

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