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Distributed January 7, 1997
Contact: Mark Nickel

Accomplishments of the Gregorian presidency (1989-1997)

Academic and intellectual life

Upon his selection as Brown's 16th president in August 1988, Vartan Gregorian said his highest priority would be to sustain and enhance the quality of academic and intellectual life at Brown.

Faculty affairs

Gregorian often calls Brown's faculty "the bone and the marrow of the University," and has worked vigorously to recruit talented national and international scholars.


The 1990s have been difficult years for higher education. In contrast to the rapid growth of the 1980s, American universities have spent the current decade retrenching, downsizing and refocusing their efforts. Brown has been able to restrain its overall budget growth and tuition increases while reallocating existing resources to fund high-priority needs and new ventures.

Administration and legal affairs

In 1991, Gregorian said that Brown will continue to grow, but "growth in this institution will be through substitution; reallocation will be the main means to meet our priorities, be it faculty compensation or new programs. Quality is, must be and will be our hallmark. Without quality, the Brown as we have known it will cease to exist."

Admission and scholarships

Brown continues to attract large numbers of the nation's most talented high school graduates. The University received 15,009 applications for admission to the Class of 2000, the largest applicant pool in Brown's history.

Physical plant

During the 1970s and early 1980s, Brown, like many other universities, postponed maintenance of its physical plant. The result of this process nationally is an exposure on the nation's college campuses that has been estimated at $70 billion.

Public service

"It is important not only to be able to engage in new ideas but to be willing to make a public declaration of one's convictions, and then translate them into actions and deeds," Gregorian has said. Fulfillment of this mission of public service has reached every corner of the nation during the Gregorian years.


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