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Distributed January 25, 1999
Contact: Tracie Sweeney

Hyde Memorabubble Scholarship

Hyde family establishes intern scholarship in memory of daughter Timory

The Portland, Ore., family of the late Timory Hyde has created a scholarship at Brown University, enabling students to accept unpaid or low-paying internships in music or the creative arts without having to incur the accompanying financial hardships. Hyde, an imaginative undergraduate who was studying music at Brown, died in April 1997 of injuries suffered in a fall.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- The family of the late Timory Hyde has established a scholarship at Brown University that will support Brown students who undertake internships in music or the creative arts. Its first recipient will be selected this semester.

Hyde, a member of Brown University's Class of 1997, died April 18, 1997, of injuries suffered in a fall. A music concentrator, she played the guitar, piano, flute and didgeridoo, and wrote and recorded songs. The Timory Hyde Class of 1997 Memorabubble Intern Scholarship was created by her father, Barney; her mother, Roberta; and her brother, Nate, all of Portland, Ore.

In requesting that the word "memorabubble" replace "memorial" in the name of the scholarship, Hyde's family seeks to pay respect to her spirit and imagination. "Timory liked word plays and bubbles," said her father. "At her service in Portland, we all blew bubbles at the grave site and watched them float away, light and beautiful, until they were out of our sight or popped into the air. I thought they were like Timory's life," he said.

For several years, the University, through its Office of Career Services, has administered scholarships that enable its undergraduates to accept internships that otherwise would strap them financially. Such internships often offer once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, but are unpaid or low-paying because of the type of industry, the size of the employer, or the competitive nature of the field. The Hyde Scholarship will be awarded based on financial need, the extent to which the internship is likely to develop a student's creative skills and abilities, and the likelihood that completion of the internship will promote achievement of the student's ultimate career goals.

Gifts to the fund may be sent to Brown University, c/o Timory Hyde Scholarship, Box 1893, Providence, RI 02912.