Distributed November 9, 2000
For Immediate Release
News Service Contact: Mark Nickel

Mari Jo Buhle

Simmons a proven educational leader of exceptional talent and integrity

Mari Jo Buhle, professor of American civilization, chaired the Campus Advisory Committee on the presidential selection.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. - On behalf of the Campus Advisory Committee, Professor Mari Jo Buhle released the following statement about the appointment of Ruth J. Simmons as the University’s 18th president:

The Campus Advisory Committee believes that Ruth Simmons has proven herself to be an educational leader of exceptional talent and integrity. She has played a major role in shaping academic policy and promoting diversity at both Princeton University and Smith College.

Colleagues current and past describe Dr. Simmons as someone who is willing to take risks, is able to act quickly and determinedly, and is energetic and effective. These qualities have won her the respect of students, alumni and trustees.

A forceful and engaging public speaker, we believe Dr. Simmons will carry Brown’s message to the largest possible audience and will play a major role in higher education.


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