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University Services

The following is a sample of other departments at Brown University often utilized by international students and/or scholars.

Department of Public Safety
University police and security officers patrol the campus 24-hours a day to deter crime, develop community relationships and respond to calls for service and assistance. The department operates shuttle, escort and Safewalk services that provide both walking and vehicle escorts for individuals traveling at night. Blue lights at several locations on campus illuminate emergency phones both day and night to provide an immediate connection to a communications officer.

Health Services
Health Services is available to provide short-term health care services for students at Brown.

Psychological Services
Psychological Services provides all Brown students a range of services, both through individual consultations and group workshops, presentations and training sessions.

There are numerous religious organizations at Brown University, representing among others the following faiths: Baha'i, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, and Sikhism. A warm welcome is extended to all members of the Brown family to participate in on-campus gatherings for prayer, study, meditation, service and group worship.

Residential Life
The website of the Office of Residential Life provides a great deal of information concerning on-campus residences for undergraduate and graduate students. Students living off-campus should consult the site as well for relevant information and university policies.

Student Life
A part of the Division of Campus Life and Student Services, the Office of Student Life provides services and programs that strategically contribute to the educational growth of students.

Third World Center
The Third World Center at Brown University, created in 1976, is designed to serve the interests and meet the needs of all Third World students and to promote racial and ethnic pluralism in the Brown community.

Sarah Doyle Women's Center
The Sarah Doyle Women's Center sponsors and supports a number of activities concerned with gender and sexuality issues.

Language Resource Center
In addition to its extensive holdings of learning materials in many languages, the Language Resource Center also arranges news broadcasts from numerous countries.

Institutional Diversity
The Office of Institutional Diversity initiates policies and programs that promote pluralism and equity, diversity, inclusion and fair treatment of all members of the community.