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Commercial Motor Vehicles

Click here to read the Commercial Motor Vehicles Policy.

Required Training for CMV and CDL Drivers

Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) Operator with a Commercial Driver's License (CDL:): operates vehicle weighing more than 26,001 pounds.

If you are required to have a CDL license, you must take the following training:

  1. CMV Driver Basics
  2. Hours of Service
  3. Straight Truck Solutions
  4. Vehicle Inspections
  5. Alcohol & Drug Testing Driver Awareness

CMV Operator: operates vehicle weighing more than 10,001 pounds beyond the Rhode Island state borders.

If you are a CMV driver, the following training is required:

  1. CMV Driver Basics
  2. Straight Truck Solutions
  3. Vehicle Inspections

If you supervise an employee who is required to have a CDL, you must complete all of the CDL required training and:

  1. Reasonable Suspicion Training

Training is available through Learning and Professional Development at