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August 23, 2012

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The Boston Globe   16 August 2012
Annenberg awarded 600K Ford grant
The Annenberg Institute for School Reform, a national school reform center housed at Brown, has been awarded a $600,000 Ford Foundation grant to help track the results of a nationwide initiative, called More and Better Learning Time initiative, aimed at improving student performance in poor communities. The institute says it will track the progress of the More and Better Learning Time Initiative at the student, school and community levels.

BBC   17 August 2012
Remembering “A Clockwork Orange” author
Paul Phillips, senior lecturer in music, contributes to this report on author Anthony Burgess and the 50th anniversary of his famous novel A Clockwork Orange. The piece considers Burgess’s continuing passion for writing classical music; he wrote over 200 pieces of pieces of classical music, including full-length symphonies and a ballet. Very little of his music was performed during his lifetime, but it is now attracting interest from musicians and academics.

The Providence Journal    19 August 2012
Innovative efforts to curb college drinking
Several local schools, including Brown, are making efforts to crack down on heavy drinking by college students. Brown’s initiative includes online tutorial for incoming students and a comic storyteller that delivers alcohol survival advice to a freshman assembly. Frances Mantak, director of health education, adds that the majority of Brown students “either don’t drink or are drinking at really safe, moderate levels.”

Roll Call    19 August 2012
Defending the filibuster
A new book co-authored by Richard Arenberg, adjunct lecturer in political science, titled “Defending the Filibuster” is reviewed. “Regardless of whether you agree with their conclusions, the book will be a must read for anyone who wants to be a part of the debate about how to improve the function of the Senate,” writes the reviewer.

Providence Business News   20 August 2012
Houston: ‘The past speaks to us’
A Q&A with Stephen Houston, professor of anthropology, who has been leading a team at a Maya archaeological site in El Zotz, Guatemala, where last month they discovered a pyramid depicting the Maya sun god in a series of images in painted stucco. Speaking about his attraction to his chosen career, he says “I think it’s this feeling of a weighty past that most people ignore. It’s there, everywhere around and in us. Often those voices go unheard and I became interested at an early age in trying to hear those voices, and in ancient writing. That’s where the past really speaks most directly to us.

The New York Daily News   20 August 2012
Site offers forum for job advice
Jobstr, a website founded by Brown alums Frank Hajdu and Dan Corbin that launched in January, creates an open forum where people from a wide range of occupations open themselves up for questioning. To date, some 100 workers have dished and doled out advice on jobs ranging from the exotic to the mundane.

Bloomberg   17 August 2012
The future of the euro zone
Mark Blyth, professor of international political economy, discusses the economies of the euro zone, Russia and the U.S. Blyth speaks with Bloomberg’s Carol Massar and Michael McKee on "Bloomberg On the Economy."

The Huffington Post   21 August 2012
Ad feeds polarization of public opinion of race
A new study by Michael Tesler, assistant professor of political science, finds that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s TV ads claiming President Barack Obama "gutted" welfare reform resonate with people who have more conservative views on racial issues. Tesler concludes, "the results from our experiment suggest that ads like the one in this post may well contribute to the growing polarization of public opinion by racial attitudes beyond the voting booth in the age of Obama."   22 August 2012
Republicans seek new focus after Akin comments
Wendy Schiller, associate professor of political science, comments on how Republicans might shift the focus away from Missouri congressman Todd Akin’s recent controversial comments on rape and pregnancy. "When the hard-core conservative policy differences of the Republican Party are emphasized, it really reduces the GOP ability to win over independents, undecided and even Democrats disappointed with Obama," Schiller says.

Nature   22 August 2012
With dual honors, Ramachandran talks path to success
A Q&A with Sohini Ramachandran, assistant professor of biology, who received two high-profile awards this year: She was named a Pew Scholar in June and awarded a fellowship from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation in February. Here she talks about how she plans to use the grants to distinguish herself in a fast-moving field.

Providence Business News   23 August 2012
Brown makes Princeton Review’s best colleges list
Brown was named to the list of the Princeton Review’s 2013 listing of the “Best 377 Colleges.” The rankings were based on The Princeton Review’s survey of 122,000 students attending the 377 colleges in the book. In addition to making the list of the best colleges in the country, Brown was named as having the 12th best quality of life and the 14th happiest students of all colleges on the list.

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