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University Resources Committee (URC)


  • The Committee shall serve to review, to analyze, and to offer recommendations to the President on all budgetary plans, proposals, and priorities, both current and future, affecting the University.
  • The Committee shall be responsible for maintaining a level of awareness of budgetary matters throughout the University that will encourage the development of informed opinions and the articulation and discussion of issues.
  • The Committee shall review, analyze and make recommendations regarding the allocation of University resources for the coming fiscal year and for long-range plans developed by the administration or by other duly constituted committees.
  • The committee will conduct its business in closed session. The committee will, however, host University-wide forums as necessary and appropriate to allow the committee to hear the concerns and priorities of the University community.
  • The Committee shall, at appropriate points during the preparation of the University budget, report in written form to the President its analysis and its policy recommendations concerning the allocation of resources within the University.