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University Resources Committee (URC) Members

The URC membership is comprised of seven faculty members, six administrators as ex-officio members, seven students and two staff members appointed by the Staff Advisory Committee in consultation with the Provost.
(Member List current as of July 1, 2014)


Lindsay Graham, Executive Dean for Administration, Bio Med Medical Affairs
Elizabeth Huidekoper, Executive Vice President, Finance and Administration
Kevin McLaughlin, Dean of the Faculty
Richard Locke, Chair and Provost
Russell Carey, Executive Vice President for Planning and Policy
Fox Wetle, Dean of the School of Public Health
Linda Laliberte-Cote, Assoc. Dean for Administration and Finance, School of Public Health

Eli Upfal, Vice Chair, Professor of Computer Science
Youngsong Huang, Associate Professor of Geological Science
Pedro Dal Bo, Associate Professor of Economics
Nina Tannenwald, Senior Lecturer of Political Science
Jay Tang, Associate Professor of Physics
Rebecca Page, Associate Professor of Biology
Johanna Hanink, Assistant Professor of Classics


Elise Rivas, Undergraduate Student
Justice Gaines, Undergraduate Student
Gregory Chatzinoff '15, Undergraduate Student
Stanley Stewart '16, Undergraduate Student
Geoffrey McCrossan, Medical Student
Samuel Franklin, Graduate Student
Marc Mayes, Graduate Student

Staff Representatives

Amy Carroll, Director of Government Relations
Sara Tortora, Department Manager, Physics

Staffed by:

Susan Howitt, Associate Vice President for Budget and Planning

Joe Meisel, Deputy Provost