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Emergency Blue Light Phones

There are approximately 130 outdoor Emergency Blue Light Phones located on or near the exterior of residence halls and university buildings. They are also located on the campus walkways and at the parking garage. Additionally there are approximately 55 elevator phones (equipped for emergency calls) in various campus buildings. Outdoor emergency phones are housed in gray or yellow cases, are mounted directly to buildings or stanchions, and have a blue light above them. These phones can be used for calling within the university phone system and have a direct speed calling button (marked in red) that will connect you directly with a Brown Police Department Communication Officer. In an emergency, calls made through the direct speed calling button also contain a feature that will identify your location to the communications officer answering the call. When getting acquainted with the campus, please take the time to note the location of these phones. The phones also provide Brown students, faculty, and staff with the option to request escort or safewalk services, and these calls receive priority assistance.

Building Security

Access to most university facilities is intended to be restricted to students, staff, and faculty of Brown or those with legitimate business with the University. Any person on university property must be able to show proper identification upon request. During evening and weekend hours, most university facilities are kept locked, and both key and card access is restricted to individuals who obtain authorization through proper administrative channels.

Security of both persons and property in residence halls relies greatly on the precautions taken by student residents. Room doors, exterior doors, basements, adjacent fire escapes, and fire doors on every floor should be kept locked at all times. Fire doors should be closed. Alarms will be generated within the security system for any exterior doors propped open where the door is controlled by card access. Do not prop doors open. Close any doors you find propped open. Report immediately to Public Safety any thefts or attempted thefts as well as suspicious activity so that officers may be dispatched to investigate.

A Campus-Wide Card Access System has been installed in all residential dorms and in several administrative buildings on campus. There is a 24 hour monitoring of the system and an officer is dispatched if a door is propped or held open too long, or forced open. As with all technology, the system is not infallible and all students are advised to remain vigilant with regard to security matters.


Students are not encouraged to bring cars to the University. Parking is extremely limited on the East Side (of Providence) in the vicinity of the campus. Additionally, the City of Providence does not allow overnight parking on the streets. Due to limitations of space and zoning restrictions, the University cannot provide parking space for all faculty, staff, and students. Use of University parking lots is restricted to individuals who have obtained a valid parking permit from the University. These lots are not continuously patrolled by University Public Safety personnel and should be accessed at night with extreme caution. The rate of incidence of car theft and vandalism is high in Providence.

The following suggestions are offered regarding the use of any University parking lot facility at any time: do not leave items in plain view, check for loiterers before leaving and returning to your car; do not leave your car running unattended at any time; lock your car doors; have keys ready when returning to your car; and check the back seat before getting in your automobile. Please report immediately any suspicious activity in University parking areas to the Public Safety Department so that an officer can be dispatched to investigate. Vehicles are operated or parked on campus at the owner’s risk. The University is not responsible for fire, theft, or damage to, or loss of such vehicles or any articles left therein.


safeRIDE is a cooperative transportation service offered to the students, faculty, and staff of Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design and the hospitals affiliated with the Brown Medical School. The services offered through safeRIDE are as follows.

  • safeRIDE shuttle is a scheduled evening service on fixed rounds around the Brown and RISD campuses. The safeRIDE vans circle the routes stopping at prescribed locations. A red and black 18” x 24” safeRIDE sign is posted at each stop Reservations are not required. A valid Brown or RISD I.D. must be shown before boarding the van. The shuttle service operates daily when school is in session. Route maps, schedules, and other detailed information about the shuttle service, including stops, can be found online.

  • safeRIDE onCall arranges rides only from a Brown or RISD campus building to a rider’s registered destination off-campus within the onCall coverage areas or to specific parking lots, and vice versa. safeRIDE is not a free taxi service and riders are asked to use the service appropriately. Prior registration is required for use of onCall (call 401-863-1778 to register). A valid Brown or RISD I.D. must be shown when boarding the vehicle. safeRIDE onCall service operates dauly when school is in session. Hours of operation are from 5 p.m. to 3 a.m. (October to March) and from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m. (April, May, and September). More detailed information regarding onCall, including registration, wait times and call backs, guest policies, and rules and regulations, can be online.

  • BrownMed Express is a daytime shuttle service that provides transportation between Brown/RISD and the hospitals via downtown and the “jewelry district”. This service is available to students, faculty, and staff of Brown and RISD and of the hospitals affiliated with Brown Medical School. Passangers must show a Brown or RISD I.D. when boarding the vehicle. For further information regarding the shuttle stops, schedules, and policies, visit the Web site.

  • safeRIDE DSS onCall service is a reservation based transport for members of the Brown community who has disabilities and need assistance getting around campus. DSS onCall is available for student, faculty and staff members of Brown with a permanent or temporary disability. DSS onCall riders must register with the Disability Support Services office (401-863-9588) and provide documentation of their disability and need for the service. For further information regarding DSS onCall, including use of the service, hours of operation, and registration, please visit the Web site.


Public Safety sponsors a Safewalk program. Safewalk is a volunteer organization and the operation of this service is subject to the availability of volunteers. When in operation, Safewalk provides point-to-point walking escorts to members of the Brown community going walkable distances which may or may not be on the Shuttle route. Volunteers travel in pairs and are equipped with two-way radios. The service is available Sunday through Thursday from 9:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m., and is subject to availability of volunteers. To request Safewalk Services, call 863-1778. When Safewalk volunteer are not available, members of the community may request a walking escort by calling 3-3322. (TDD number is the same.) To become a Safewalk volunteer call 863-1079.