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Sex Offenses/Sexual Misconduct

Brown University provides educational and informational programs on the subject matter of sexual misconduct, including sexual assault and other offenses, as well as counseling and support programs. Brown University has established a mechanism to address student concerns and complaints. The Department of Public Safety has a Special Victims Unit staffed by personnel specifically trained to address victims of sexual assault.

Reporting Sexual Misconduct*

  • Office of Student Life (863-3145)
  • Brown University’s Department of Public Safety at 863-3322.

*Some forms of sexual misconduct may also be criminal offenses. Complaints of criminal offenses, including sexual assault, should be made by the complainant to a law enforcement office.
See “Reporting a Criminal Act.”

Reporting Sexual Assault

  • Brown DPS (863-3322)
  • Special Services (863-2542 / 863-1150)

Health Related Issues/Crisis

  • Brown University Health Services (863-3953)
  • Brown Office of Health Education (863-2794)
  • Harassment and Assault Crisis Support (863-3476): Psychological Services Staff are available 24 hours a day to provide support and referral.
  • Brown University Emergency Medical Services (Emergency: 863-4111/Routine: 863-3322)

Counseling and Support

  • Office of Student Life (863-3145)
  • Brown Chaplains (863-2344)
  • Brown Psychological Services (863-3476)
  • DPS Special Victims Unit (863-2542 / 863-1150)

Information on Women's Issues and Peer Counseling

  • Sarah Doyle Women’s Center (863-2189)
  • Women Peer Counselors (863-3145) Counselors are students residing in first year dorms.

Other resources in the Providence community include:

  • Women and Infants Hospital (274-1100): Because the preservation of evidence is important for proof of a sex offense, physicians on its staff are trained to collect physical evidence. The Hospital also provides treatment in the event of an injury.
  • Sexual Assault & Trauma Resource Center of Rhode Island (421-4100) A 24-hour hotline. Victim advocates are available at 1-800-494-8100. Advocates will meet victims at the police station and/or hospital.

Reporting a Criminal Act

  • Brown University’s Department of Public Safety at 863-3322. Receives reports of criminal offenses on campus.
  • Providence Police Department (272-3121) Receives reports of criminal acts in the City of Providence.
  • Safeguarding Evidence — Victims who wish to press criminal charges, or are undecided about pressing criminal charges, should arrange for the collection and preservation of all physical evidence. Detectives are trained to collect phsysical evidence from the scene; medical personnel at Women & Infants Hopsital are trained to collect evidence from the person. Call 863-3322 for a membert of the Special Victims Unit.

Brown University prohibits sexual misconduct - non-consensual physical contact of a sexual nature. Students engaging in acts constituting sexual misconduct are subject to discipline in accordance with Brown University’s Non-Academic Discipline system, and may face criminal prosecution.

In addition, a variety of educational programs are provided by University staff, residential peer counselors, and resident programmers to members of the student community regarding sexual misconduct. Some information is provided as an integral part of other programs, such as orientation of first year students. Other programs are available to graduate students, faculty, and staff. The University also annually publishes a sexual assault, sexual harassment, and relationship violence resource list. It is available in the Health Services Office, Psychological Services Office, the Office of Student Life, and the Sarah Doyle Women’s Center, as well as being made available to all new students. Designated Deans of the University are available to provide assistance regarding academic concerns and changes in living situations. Contact the Office of Student Life (863-3145) regarding academic and living concerns.

In addition to the offices outlined above, the following counseling and support resources regarding sexual assault/misconduct are available on the Brown campus.

  • Advocate Program (863-2344) — Advocates are members of the Brown community whose role is to assist students by providing information, support and help in exploring appropriate options. Ask for the Director of the Advocate

  • Sexual Harassment Reporting Liaisons (see Student Rights and Responsibilities booklet.)

In disciplinary proceedings, penalties will be imposed upon persons in violation of this offense in accordance with appropriate University processes. During the disciplinary process, both the complaining student and the responding student have the same opportunity to have certain others present at disciplinary proceedings and both shall be informed of the outcome of any such disciplinary proceedings.

Just as there are a range of behaviors that may violate this prohibition, there are a range of penalties which may be imposed. Penalities that can be imposed through a University Disciplinary Council Hearing or an Administrative Hearing include reprimand, probation, deferred suspension, suspension, or expulsion. Penalties that can be imposed through a Dean’s Hearing include reprimand, probation, and deferred suspension. Penalities that can be imposed through a Peer Community Standards Board Hearing include reprimand and probation. For definitive information on disciplinary offenses, penalties, and procedures, please consult the Brown University Student Rights and responsibilities booklet and the Office of Student Life (863-3145).

Upon request of a student, personnel in the Office of Student Life and the Department of Public Safety will provide assistance to a student in notifying appropriate law enforcement authorities of a criminal offense.

Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act

Individuals seeking information about registered sex offenders are advised to contsacty the following offices at the Providence Police Department:

  • For adults, contact the Bureau of Criminal Identification(“BCI”) — (401) 243-6403;

  • For juveniles (youths under the age of 18), contact Youth Services Bureau — (401) 243-6422.