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Mobile Security System


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Special Note to Current Guardian Users:

Brown University is transitioning to a new Emergency Notification System which we call BrownAlert. We have partnered with Rave Alert, the same company that provides the Rave Guardian service to the University. One of the changes will be the ability to log on to Guardian using your Brown username and password instead of the unique username and password that you set when you signed up for Guardian. As of June 12, 2012 you will begin to use your Brown username and password to utilize the Guardian service. Also, we will be using the cell phone number that is currently in MyAccount for both the Rave Guardian and Alert service. As a result we are asking you to go to MyAccount to ensure that we have the most current and reliable cell phone and other phone numbers in the system so we can reach you in the event of an emergency.

Following successful user registration,Brown Guardian is accessible through an interactive voice menu reached by dialing a 401 number dedicated to Brown University. This service is an "opt-in" service meaning it can only be activated by you, the user. This is NOT an active GPS system that allows DPS to track your every move upon registration. The Rave Guardian provides peace of mind by transforming your mobile phone into a personal safety device.

The Brown Guardian application works in two ways:

Panic Call - set a one-touch panic button on any cell-phone. As your phone speed-dials Public Safety, it triggers an alarm and automatically sends them critical profile information (including your name and photo). Based on the signal of your cell phone, a GPS locator is also activated providing Public Safety with a visual proximity of where you are located.


Precautionary Timer- Activate a timer on any cell phone before walking across campus. When you reach your destination safely, deactivate the timer. If the timer is not deactivated (but instead expires), Public Safety will call to make sure you're OK.


To activate a timer:

-Call dedicated 401 timer number (you will receive this number upon registration)
-Enter 4-digit PIN
-Brown Guardian verifies the mobile number
-Enter timer duration using the phone's keypad
-Rave Guardian confirms duration
-You are given the option to leave a recorded voice message. Examples include, "I am leaving the Brown Office Building and heading to my vehicle in Lot 67." or "I am leaving the Sciences Library and heading to my residence in Perkins Hall."

Safety profile information and geographic location are not shared at this time. Five (5) minutes prior to the timer expiring, a reminder text message will be sent to your mobile phone. It is important to keep your cell phone fully charged and operable at all times once the service is activated.

To deactivate a timer:

-Call dedicated 401 timer number
-Enter 4-digit PIN
-Brown Guardian verifies mobile number
-The case is deactivated

•  This new mobile service should not replace the standard practice of dialing (401)863-4111 from your cell phone (or 4111 from a campus phone) to report campus-based police, fire, or medical emergencies to the Brown Department of Public Safety. Suspicious circumstances should be reported to DPS by dialing (401)863-3322
(or 3-3322 from a campus phone).

  •  The Brown Guardian service should only be utilized in areas within the location of Brown University (this DOES include all of Brown's satellite locations).

•  As well with any cell phone usage, there are certain factors that can affect the GPS locator accuracy. Factors to include, but not limited to:

Whether or not you are calling from inside a building or a “dead spot”
The strength of your cell signal (proximity of cell towers – satellites)
The type and quality of your phone, carrier and signal

  •  To maximize the full benefit of this service, your user profile should contain a current photo and accurate self-description. The more information you provide in your profile, the easier it will be for DPS to locate you, if necessary. You can change your profile picture at any time.

•  When using the precautionary timer tool, it is strongly recommended that you leave the accompanying voicemail message informing DPS about your current location, intended destination, intended course of travel, etc. This information will greatly facilitate any necessary response actions coordinated by DPS.

•  Your profile information will not be viewable by DPS if you conduct a successful timer activation and de-activation. DPS personnel will only see your profile information if your alarm has been activated (panic alarm or timer expiration).

•  If you are in duress upon receiving a call back from DPS personnel, simply provide a pin number one number above your actual code when prompted to recite your PIN.


Please go to MyAccount at:  to review and update your personal information. The information will be sent to Rave during an overnight data feed and will be accessible in Rave the following day. Accurate cell phone numbers are especially important as these devices provide the fastest and most effective way for users to receive information. Your personal cell phone and other numbers will only be used for emergency notification purposes. If you have any questions, please email If you do update your cell phone number in MyAccount, one last step that is required by Rave Guardian is for you to sign in to the Rave system with your Brown username and password and confirm the number.

When you do update your cell phone number in MyAccount, one last step that is required by Rave Guardian is for you to sign in to the Rave system with your Brown username and password and confirm the number.

When setting up your profile, it is very important for you to provide as much information as possible to include a current photo, an accurate self-description, class schedule, etc. The more detailed information you share in your user profile the easier it will be for the Department of Public Safety Communication Control Officers to locate you if necessary. Your information, including location will never be used for anything other than responding to an emergency call, initiated by you.

Questions about Brown Guardian?

Email us Brown Guardian Questions or call DPS at 863-2542.