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Patrol Bureau


The Community Policing Bureau, also known as the Patrol Bureau, is the uniformed division of the department responsible for providing all of the law enforcement duties for the agency. This bureau falls under the department's Police and Special Operatons Division. This patrol bureau falls under the supervision and direction of Deputy Chief, Paul Shanley. This bureau is responsible to perform the following functions:

  • General law enforcement duties
  • Uniformed patrol services
  • Public assistance
  • Protection of life and property
  • Physical security of property
  • Fire and EMS assistance
  • Community policing & outreach
  • Property control
  • Preservation of the peace

The bureau is comprised of both sworn and non-sworn law enforcement personnel.

Campus Police Officers are sworn, armed, officers that have the authority to effect an arrest, enforce state statutes and University rules and regulations. Campus Police Officers patrol the campus on foot, bicycle, and in patrol vehicles.

Security Officers, are non-sworn, unarmed officers, that have the authority to enforce University rules and regulations only. Security Officers patrol the campus on foot and bicycle.

Both Campus Police and Security Officers complete monthly training to strengthen their professional, tactical, and cultural sensitivity skills. Officers are also presented with opportunities to participate in professional development trainings within the University, and also in the community.

Communications Officers serve as dispatchers for the department and are the nexus of all radio correspondence. These officers answer all emergency and non-emergency calls for service here at the University.

Shifts are headed by a lieutenant and supported by supervisory staff at the rank of sergeant. Currently, supervisors and personnel are assigned as follows:

Commander:   Lt James Jackson, Lt Kevin O'Connor, and
Lt Robert Mackisey 
Crime Analysis / Communications Supervisor:
Patricia Salvo  

                                                                                                                               1st Shift Roster 
Shift Supervisor:   Sgt Kevin Andrews and Sgt Stephen St. Jean
Administrative Sergeant:   Sgt Kevin Pepere
Detectives: Detective Mark Edmonds, Detective Armand Pereira
Training Coordinator:   Sgt Elayna Boucher
Campus Police Officers:
Officer David Araujo
Officer Karen Burks
Officer Eugene DeJesus
Officer Daniel Lapati
Officer James Massey
Officer Louise McLaughlin
Officer Edward Myers
Officer Paul Ruscito
Security Officers / Public Safety Officers:
PSO Richard Almeida (Service Officer)
SO Jody Amaral
SO Lionel Butterfield
SO Charles Cunningham
SO Eric Levy
SO Gene Tronni
Crime Prevention:    SO Mark Perry, SO Thomas Shelton
Communication Control Officers:
CCO Jack Francisco (Lead CCO)
CCO Alfred Mello
CCO Sherri Marcantonio-Horn

2nd Shift Roster
Shift Supervisor: Sgt Steven Bremges, Sgt David Allsworth, and Sgt John Heston
Detectives: Detective Jeanne Peck, Detective John Remka
Campus Police Officers:
Officer William Awopeju-Williams
Officer Joseph Balasco
Officer Amy Barboza
Officer Joseph Capalbo
Officer Thomas “TJ” Connolly
Officer Stephen DeMedeiros
Officer Patricia Fortier
Officer Michael Greco
Officer Cory Patenaude
Officer Cesar Alarcon (Mid-Shift)
Officer Robert Brothers (Mid-Shift)
Officer Thomas Canning (Mid-Shift)
Officer Allison O'Connor (Mid-Shift)
Officer Kathryn Raposa (Mid-Shift)
Officer Leonard Russo (Mid-Shift)
Security Officers / Public Safety Officers:
SO Carl “CJ” Burkowske
PSO Justin Dellefemine
PSO Richard Kelly
PSO Justin Pace
Communication Control Officers:
CCO Joshua Burnett
CCO Patricia Lonardo
CCO Joyce Saenz
CCO Katie Stanley
CCO (In Training) Lauri Asquith

3rd Shift Roster
Shift Supervisor: Sgt Brendan McGrath and Sgt Brian O'Hara
Campus Police Officers:
Officer Antonio Bento
Officer Richard Brousseau
Officer Jarrett D’Amato
Officer Brian Fiske
Officer Lawrence Scott
Officer Thomas Tougas
Security Officers / Public Safety Officers:
SO Guiseppe Andreoli
PSO Jason Clapprood
SO Brian Verria
Communication Control Officers:
CCO Lauren Fusaro
CCO Dawn Gilmore
CCO Daniel Godin
CCO Allen Janicki