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Silent Witness Form

Have you witnessed a crime, and wish to report it? This new Silent Witness Form allows you to provide the Department of Public Safety with this valuable information anonymously. We understand that for some, witnessing a crime can be very distressing, and generate feelings of apprehension, and fear about reporting. Having the option to report crimes anonymously, may alleviate such feelings. Also, reporting witness accounts to suspicious behavior and circumstances to Public Safety is essential to campus safety. As a witness to a crime, or incident, your input may potentially provide our law enforcement personnel with information needed to move ahead on a case or to prevent a crime. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with this valuable information.

Please note: This form is not to be used to report a crime in progress. Immediately call Public Safety at 863-4111 to report a crime in progress on campus, and all Police, Fire, and Medical Emergencies.

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Date of Incident


Day (i.e. Tuesday the 22nd):


Incident Information

Where did this incident occur?

What type of crime/incident was it?

Please explain the crime you believe to be of witness to:

Please describe the subject to the best of your ability: