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Awareness - Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

-Have your keys ready when approaching your vehicle, and do a quick scan of your rear seat before getting in.
-Be alert to any activity near your vehicle.
-Be aware of people who may be following you to your vehicle.
-Recognize that carjacking can occur anytime, anywhere in any neighborhood. Lock your doors when inside.

Alertness - Be Alert To Potential Dangers

-Exercise caution when people approach your vehicle requesting directions, change, or giving out flyers.
-When stopping in traffic, leave enough distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you so you can pull away quickly if needed.
-Be alert when approaching drive-up automated teller machines.

Avoidance - You Will Be Safer If You Avoid Certain Situations

-Don't get out of your vehicle if you witness suspicious circumstances. Drive away and call the police if necessary.
-Don't drive without locking your doors.
-Avoid using ATM's at night, especially if you see people loitering nearby.
-Never leave the keys in the ignition or the vehicle running for any reason.
-Never leave small children unattended in your vehicle.
-Avoid parking in secluded, poorly lit areas.
-Consider installation of an alarm system. Audible alarms could prevent your vehicle from being broken into or stolen.
-Keep all valuables out of sight when parking your vehicle.
-When having your vehicle serviced, or cleaned, remove your house keys from the key ring.

Actions - Certain Actions Will Help Keep You Safe

-If someone demands your car keys, don't resist. Nothing is more valuable than your life.
-Try to keep a cellular phone accessible when driving.
-Keep a pen and notebook accessible in your vehicle to write down important information about suspicious circumstances.
-In case of a vehicle breakdown, call the police for help and use great caution when approached by unknown individuals. -Place a "CALL POLICE" sign in your back window.


If you see any suspicious vehicles loitering around campus parking lots, please notify DPS immediately at (401) 863-3322 or x3-3322.