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How to do Business With Brown University

  1. Prospective vendors should contact the Purchasing Department (401) 863-2206, and schedule an appointment. Presentations should include qualification documentation i.e. licenses, insurance coverage, credit business references etc. where applicable.
  2. All members of the Purchasing Department have a fiduciary responsibility to conduct business in good faith, and in the best interest of Brown University. All information provided by prospective suppliers shall be held in strict confidence.
  3. The University’s conflict of interest policy prohibits staff from accepting gifts, gratuities, or other favors from suppliers. If financial, social, or family relationships exist between staff and a prospective vendor; staff shall notify their supervisor/manager, and recluse themselves from the decision making process.
  4. Transactions involving competitive bids, RFP’s, etc. shall be coordinated by the Purchasing Department to ensure that the process provides equal opportunity to all participants, and that awards are based on “maximum value” offered. Suppliers will be notified of awards by the Purchasing Department.
  5. The Purchasing Department will conduct quarterly business review meetings with all companies holding “term” contracts with the University.
  6. Contract performance issues/concerns should be directed to the University’s Purchasing Department along with any questions or concerns related to the business process. Unresolved issues should be presented to the Director of Purchasing.
  7. Prospective suppliers shall meet the requirements stipulated in the section entitled “Procurement Standards” (business ethics, compliance with laws, minority/women owned business enterprises & environmental standards/regulations). Compliance with these guidelines shall be maintained for the term of the business relationship.