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Sole/Single Source Documentation


  • Sole Source Memo 25k is required for all purchases of $25,000.00 and over for supplies, equipment and commercial services.
  • "Sole sources" exist when a single seller controls the supply of products or services in a defined market. These situations are usually the product of market conditions such as technology leadership, patent protection, limited/exclusive franchise distributorships, mergers and acquisitions, etc.
  • "Single source" selections are usually driven by objective business decisions; such as leveraged volume purchase contracts, standardization programs/systems, parts/service provided by an "original equipment manufacturer", consistency of quality/batch control, "just in time" delivery requirements, etc. "Single source" selection based purely on personal preference or subjective rationale will not be sanctioned.
  • Departments may be called upon to defend these positions before the appropriate authority.


  1. Departments will generate a "sole source/single source" (see forms page) for all transactions at or above the referenced limits where competition is restricted or absent. The form must document in objective terms the rationale (business decision) for "single source" selection, or cite the market conditions that have created the "sole" source.
  2. The memorandums will be forwarded to the Purchasing Department to be matched with the purchase requisition. In order to facilitate the matching process, requesters should forward the form on the same day that the purchase requisition is generated, and note the requisition number on the justification document.
  3. Written signature approval (departmental level) is required on all forms.
  4. The Purchasing Department will review the justification submittal, and maintain the documentation as part of the permanent procurement transaction file.