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Vehicle Purchasing Policy

Section 1.0

Vehicles purchased must fall into the top 25% of the vehicles in each class with respect to fuel economy. This list will change each year when vehicle MPG estimates are posted by the US Government. Please contact Purchasing (James McCurdy) for a copy of the listing.

Section 1.1

Any vehicle requested that is NOT on this list must be made in writing and signed by the Chair or Director of the requesting department, explaining the special need. This exception request will be reviewed by the Vehicle Use Committee within 30 days. The department may request that the Executive Vice President for Finance and Administratino review the exception and overrule the Vehicle Use Committee

Section 1.2

A Life Cycle cost analysis shall be done for all vehicles purchased and considered in the selection of vehicles. This Life Cycle cost analysis will be considered in recommending the purchase of alternate fuel and hybrid vehicles. Departments will be provided this information so that they can make an informative decision.

Section 1.3

Vehicles that are classed as light duty Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV) must be alternative fuel or hybrid. Exceptions will be granted only when there is a demonstrated need. Procedure is explained above in Section 1.1.

Section 1.4

All departments will be required to report the correct mileage readings when buying fuel with the Wright Express Fuel Card. The mileage will be used to calculate the exact MPG of all Brown University Vehicles.

Section 1.5

"Vehicle Use Committee" (VUC) will be made up of a representative from Purchasing, Facilities, Athletics, Police and Security, and Environmental Science Department.