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“Preferred Vendor” Alliances

The Purchasing Department shall pursue the development of “Preferred Vendor” contracts to aggregate and leverage buying power for common supplies, equipment, and commercial services. Commonly used supplies/services across the University community shall represent the target for this business initiative. A number of key departmental users will be invited to serve on an ad hoc committee to assist in developing program specifications for each initiative.

In addition to leveraging consolidated volume to enhance economic offerings, quality control and service standards will also be developed for each agreement. Other “value added” features to be considered, but not limited to, will be periods of firm price protection, “caps” on future price increases, favorable warranty offerings and return policies/procedures, shipping terms F.O.B. destination, and prompt pay discounts. Strong consideration will be given to those vendors offering electronic order entry systems/payment systems (e-commerce).

The University’s expectation is that “Preferred Vendors” will continually strive to improve overall program performance as part of a “continuous improvement goal”. Successful vendor initiatives in this area support and justify long term business alliances.

The Purchasing Department will actively manage these alliances as part of the contract ad- ministration process. Quarterly business review meetings will be conducted to review per- formance factors such as; comparative levels of dollar spend, standard cycle time, fill rates, return activity, billing accuracy, etc. In addition, customer service issues will be targeted for correction/resolution, and operating system issues resolved or reengineered when warranted. Routine management reporting systems will be implemented to support this review process.