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Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises

The University shall take a pro-active position in identifying and assisting in the development of Minority and Women owned business enterprises. This initiative shall include participation by the Purchasing Department staff at various affirmative action forums, utilization of published directories; including state rosters of certified firms, participation in sponsored interactive meetings, and collaboration with the University’s Office of EEO/Affirmative Action.

The Purchasing Department shall encourage and invite minority/women owned suppliers to meet with staff to review product/service specifications, and review vendor qualifications including licenses, certification, and insurance requirements where required. Staff will be designated to act as a liaison with small, minority, and women owned businesses, and provide counseling on product/job standards and vendor qualifications.

The Purchasing Department will also actively encourage the University’s prime contractors to develop minority/women owned businesses as subcontractors, and to identify their degree of participation in Brown University contracts.

As part of routine management reporting, the Purchasing Department will generate quarterly “Minority/Women Owned Business Enterprise” activity reports identifying commodities/services provided, and fiscal year dollar spend compared to the prior fiscal year period.

The Purchasing Department will serve as a departmental resource in the development of MBE sub-contract spending goals for Federally funded research projects as required by PL 95-507, 1978 to contracts in excess of $500,000 and $1,000,000 for construction.

When all business considerations are determined to be equal among competitive vendors, the University will award contracts to local small businesses, minority owned business enterprises, or women owned business enterprises.