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Change of Grade Request for previously submitted Final Grade

This web form is for the exclusive use of existing Brown University Faculty/Instructors for the purpose of requesting a grade change in Undergraduate or Graduate courses for a previously submitted grade that is less than one year from the original submission date. Any request beyond one year will need to be submitted in writing to the Office of the Registrar, Box K, Providence, RI 02912 for subsequent approval by the Committee on Academic Standing (Undergraduate Students) or the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the Graduate School (Graduate Students).

Change of Final Grade request form

Data Request Form

Please complete and submit this form for any data request needs (reports, internal academic records) that the Registrar's Office can provide for your department.

As a reminder, data requests must be justified as fulfilling a legitimate educational need and must be specific to the department making the request.

Data Request Form

Course Announcement (CAB) Preparation Resources

If you have trouble printing the PDF files and still would like hard copy of the documents, feel free to email the Registrar's office. We will be happy to send you copies of any of the documents by campus mail. The scheduling principles are also available as pdf documents that can be sent to you as email attachments.

Independent Credit for the First Half of a Year-long Course

This form is to be used to give a student permission to complete only the first half of a year-long course. Completing this form makes the grade at the end of the first semester of the course, a permanent grade rather than a temporary one.

Independent Credit for the First Half of a Year Course form

Course Proposal Resources

To submit a proposal for a new undergraduate or graduate level course or to modify a course which already exists in Banner, please use the new On-Line Course Proposal tool. You can access it from the Secure area of Self-service Banner.

  • Online tutorials for using the On-Line Course Proposal tool in Banner.
  • CCC Guidelines for Course Proposals / pdf icon (pdf)
  • May 2011 Improvement to Course Proposal Process Memorandum / pdf icon (pdf)
  • CCC Guidelines for Enrollment Limitations / pdf icon (pdf)

Visitors to Brown Classes

Attending classes is generally restricted to Brown students or officially enrolled non-degree students who are registered participants. A student who has requested and been granted the instructor's permission for "vagabond" status in a course is an exception. With permission/invitation from the instructor, a visitor can attend class with a Brown affiliate, a current student or faculty member. Any other visitors to the campus who would like to sit in on a class must register with the Office of Admissions in advance and seek permission from the individual instructor. This permission is granted at the discretion of the instructor.

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