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Advanced Placement (AP) Credit

It is possible to receive academic course notations on the transcript on the basis of Advanced Placement (AP) examinations. Such courses, while they may satisfy a course pre-requisite on the basis of the Brown equivalency granted or simply by the score recorded, DO NOT count towards the the minimum number of courses (30 for the AB or ScB) required for the baccalaureate degree. The awarding of AP credit on the basis of AP examinations is based primarily on the recommendations of the individual academic departments. During the orientation program you will be able to learn from your academic advisors whether course credits have been awarded. Please refer to the section on Advanced Placement in the Guide to Liberal Learning for more specific information or refer to the Advanced Placement section of the Office of the Dean of the College website (

The official academic record of all graduating students is sealed upon Commencement to reflect what was in effect upon degree completion. Therefore, no transcript notations will be made post-Commencement of AP credit or transfer credit as it was not used to clear a student's degree requirements. Students who wish to have AP credit notations or transfer credits in general reflected on the academic record must seek these notations and ensure receipt of all required documentation well before they graduate.