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Graduate School

New and readmitted graduate students will register for courses online upon your arrival on campus. 

All currently enrolled students who plan to continue in the coming semester should register according to the deadlines established in the Academic Calendar.

Included are all students who are planning to study on campus during the upcoming semester and those who, although not on campus, are planning to complete requirements for a degree during that semester. Students who are in doubt with regard to their plans for next semester should register nonetheless. If it becomes certain that they will not be enrolled, the dean of the Graduate School must be informed without delay.  Students who do not plan to return and who will not have completed degree requirements should formally withdraw or request a leave of absence through the dean of the Graduate School.

Students who do not register by the pre-registration deadline will have a hold placed on their accounts.  Those students must contact the Registrar’s Office to have the hold removed.  At that time a $15 late pre-registration fee will be assessed.  

Thesis or Prelims

Students who have completed all course requirements, to retain continuous enrollment, a course registration for thesis preparation (2990) or preliminary exam preparation (2970) must be filed in Banner.

Summer Study

Students who wish to earn residence credit toward their degree during the summer should determine with their departments whether such arrangements are possible. The department will send written confirmation of such arrangements to the registrar.

Full-Time, Part-Time Status

Because the University is obligated to confirm the enrollment status of many students on a regular basis (e.g., for guaranteed loans and Veterans Administration and Social Security benefits), it is necessary to maintain adequate documentation to support the certifications made. It is the student's responsibility to inform the registrar or Graduate School of any change in enrollment status and, as appropriate, to notify any agencies from which benefits are being received on the basis of student enrollment status. The dean will review any part-time enrollments with the departmental representative and will notify any students for whom permission for part-time enrollment is not granted.

Graduate Students Not Registering Due to Withdrawal or Leave of Absence

Students intending to withdraw should do so through the dean of the Graduate School. In some instances, a withdrawal may be in the form of a leave of absence. On specific application by the student, such leaves of absence will be granted by the dean of the Graduate School in consultation with the department involved. In general, such leaves are granted for a specific period of time with the understanding that the student will return at the end of that period to continue his or her studies. Note: Degree candidates must remain in continuous enrollment and are subject to the usual fees unless they formally withdraw from the Graduate School. Students who have withdrawn from the Graduate School are not eligible to use any University facilities, including use of the library or supervision by a thesis advisor. Such students cannot be degree candidates while they are not enrolled in the Graduate School. If, in the future, readmission is desired, a formal request must be made to the dean of the Graduate School.