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Medical Students

New and continuing medical students will be registered by the Office of the Registrar in conjunction with the Alpert Medical School.  Upon arrival in the fall, new medical students will receive an orientation packet prepared by the Medical School; it will include a schedule of the courses for which the student is registered for the fall semester.  New medical students will have the opportunity to review their academic program with the staff in Medical Student Affairs, and, if appropriate, revise the schedule. 

Course Changes

Changes to all medical students’ course schedules will be submitted by the medical school staff to the Registrar’s Office.  Written approval directly from the Alpert Medical School is required to change Biomed courses.  For non-Biomed courses, e.g., electives, written approval from the course instructor is required and can be processed in person at 318 J. Walter Wilson.  Medical students should check their registration online at  "".  Students are responsible for using Banner on an ongoing basis to be knowledgeable of the status of their registration (courses, sections, grade options, etc.).  A student’s failure to review their registration information will not be accepted as a basis for an exception to rules on deadlines governing registration.