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Registering at Brown for the First Time

In July, entering undergraduates receive a mailing from the office of the Dean of the College that includes the Guide to Liberal Learning.  They will be referred to a website specifically for incoming students and be asked to complete the CAP Matching Form online.  Later in the month, these students will receive an email indicating the CAP course in which the students have been placed.  At this time, the students will be referred to an additional online form to request a First Year Seminar and to enter the VISA 0100 lottery.  Students should use the summer to view the online course schedule in preparation for meeting with their advisors upon arrival on campus.

During orientation each student will meet with his or her academic advisor for an academic counseling conference.  At that time, they will discuss the student’s selection and schedule of courses for the fall semester.  Students are, therefore, encouraged to postpone questions regarding their academic program until that meeting, rather than calling or writing prior to their arrival on campus.

First year students must secure an alternate PIN from their advisors in order to register.  The online registration system will be turned on for new freshmen, transfer, and graduate students on the last day of orientation.  Incoming students who have been placed in a CAP course, a First Year Seminar, or the VISA 0100 course will be registered by the Registrar’s Office and will see those courses reflected on their registration when they log on to the registration system for the first time.  If any changes need to be made to these courses, they can be made at that time. 


According to faculty rule, no student may register for his or her fifth semester unless a declaration of concentration has been filed with the registrar. Students failing to complete registration on time because of the failure to file a concentration declaration may be subject to a late registration fee and late add fees. Changes in declaration are permissible.
It is important that all students, especially those currently sophomores, give serious consideration to the choice of a concentration program. Once a concentration program is chosen, there should be no delay in filing the program, properly approved, with the Registrar.

Readmitted Undergraduates

Readmission Fee

All readmitted undergraduate students (except exchange and study abroad students) will be charged a $70.00 readmission fee.

Change of Plans on Returning

Students whose plans have changed and who do not intend to return in the upcoming semester should immediately inform the Office of the Dean of the College in writing.

Undergraduate Students Not Registering Due to Withdrawal or Leave of Absence

To ensure that separation from the University is in good order, undergraduate students who are currently enrolled and who, for reasons other than graduation, do not intend to return for an upcoming semester must officially withdraw or request a leave of absence in writing through the Office of the Dean of the College. Student separation plans must be formalized by May 1 for the fall semester and December 1 for the spring semester.