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Summer Sessions

Brown summer courses carry a course fee charge; they do not carry a tuition charge. Brown summer courses cannot be offered in fulfillment of tuition requirements on a course-by-course basis.

A special provision of the tuition regulations enables students to offer summer courses in partial fulfillment of tuition obligations, under certain specified conditions: Students who have otherwise fulfilled the graduation requirements at Brown and have been enrolled in seven semesters of full-time study or an acceptable equivalent, plus have taken and passed four summer courses at Brown, will be granted, on request, a waiver of the final semester of their tuition obligation. (*This provision is not applicable to Brown-RISD dual degree candidates)

For the waiver to be granted, the student must inform the University no later than the end of the fifth semester of his or her intent to leave the University immediately after completing the approved accelerated program. Students are required to complete satisfactorily at least thirty courses over eight semesters, including four summer courses equivalent to a semester of academic study.

Tuition regulations dictate that courses taken prior to matriculation may not be combined with courses taken after matriculation in order to achieve advanced standing and tuition credit; hence, Brown summer courses cannot be so combined.

In a similar manner, summer courses taken elsewhere and transferred after matriculation may not be combined with Brown summer courses to achieve advanced standing. The maximum number of summer credits from all sources is four course equivalents, with no more than two in the same summer

For Brown-RISD Dual Degree candidates Brown "for-credit" summer courses do not count towards 15 Brown course minimum, nor the provisional tuition waiver as mentioned above. They can, however, count towards concentration requirements.