Brown Women in the News

JULY 2014

Julia Turner '00 has been named editor in chief of Slate magazine.

As of July 1st, Vicki Leigh Colvin, a distinguished professor of chemistry and vice provost for research at Rice University, is Brown’s 12th provost, while (Brown) Professor of History and Judaic Studies Maud Mandel is the new Dean of the College.

Professor Lindsay Oberman of Brown University’s medical school researches Autism, it may carry a benefit: a buffer against Alzheimer’s.

JUNE 2014

Suzi LeVine ’93 is sworn in as the new US ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

MAY 2014

Annie Rachele Lanzillotto ’86 won't let thirty years of cancer and a compromised immune system away from the throngs at Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding, the Off Broadway show.

APRIL 2014

Sangeeta Bhatia ‘90, an MIT bioengineer, has developed a fast, low-cost urine test, much like a pregnancy test, that could detect cancer

MARCH 2014

Ana Bermudez ’86, commissioner of New York City’s Department of Probation.


Founder and CEO of Seeding Labs, Nina Dudnik ’98 has poised her nonprofit organization to deliver $20 million worth of research equipment to developing countries.

Karen Dynan ’85 is appointed assistant secretary for economic policy at the Treasury Department.


Private equity fundraising speciality Sarah Sandstrom '96 was appointed as managing director of Lazard's Private Fund Advisory Group in New York.

Rebel Kitchen, a child-friendly, nourishing food brand was founded by Tamara Arbib '05. The company recently launched its first product, Mylk, a dairy-free drink.

Susan Bennett '71 is the voice behind Siri. She has become one of the most familiar voices in the world.

In a historic vote, Janet Yellen ’67 won Senate approval on January 6, 2014 to become the new head of the Federal Reserve. She is the first woman to lead the national bank.


Baylor College of Medicine names Dr. Alicia Monroe , M.D. '73 as first senior dean of education and senior vice president of academic affairs and faculty development.

Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research (PRIM&R) has announced Elisa A. Hurley, PhD '96 as its next executive director.


Margaret Russell '80,  editor-in-chief of Architectural Digest, was appointed by President Obama as a general trustee to the board of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. 

Debra L. Lee ‘76, Mee Moua ‘92, and Janet Yellen ‘67 LLD'98 HON. are among those on the Washingtonian’s Most Powerful Women list. The 31-year old list profiles the area's most powerful women.

Lauren Corrao ‘83 P’16, a former executive with Comedy Central, has joined Vuguru as chief creative officer. Vuguru is an independent studio founded by Michael Eisner that develops premium scripted content for multi-platform distribution around the world.

Online video called CareerGirls Silicon Valley Role Models features Theresia Gouw ‘90. CareerGirls.Org is a free, noncommercial, online platform which showcases video clips of diverse women role models sharing career and educational advice to inspire young girls.


President Obama names Janet Yellen '67 to succeed Ben Bernanke as chair of the Federal Reserve.


Engineering powerhouses Sangeeta Bhatia ’90 and Nina Dudnik ’98 make the Boston Globe’s list of the 10 most powerful women in biotech.

Nancy Hyde '80 becomes new Brown Alumni Association President.

Adeola Oredola '02 is the executive director of Youth In Action, a youth-led nonprofit in Providence that’s all about young people. Oredola asks: What if youth were a city’s most powerful asset instead of its problem?


President Obama has nominated Karen Dynan ’85 to be assistant secretary for economic policy at the U.S.

The mystery of a puzzling and painful sports injury inspired Alyssa Caplan '13 to become a medical doctor.

JULY 2013

Elizabeth L. Littlefield ‘82 was appointed by President Obama as the president and CEO of OPIC, the US Government's development finance institution. From 2000 until 2010 Ms Littlefield was CEO of CGAP (Consultative Group to Assist the Poor), a policy and research center dedicated to advancing poor people's access to financial services

JUNE 2013

Jessica U. Meir, PH.D. '99 has been chosen as one of NASA's new astronauts. The eight new astronauts, four of them women, are expected to participate in some of NASA's most anticipated new missions, including travel to Mars. Dr. Meir was chosen out of a field of 6,100 applicants.

Phyllis Godwin‘48, CEO of Granite City Electric, discussed the need for "the sisterhood of helping" -- mentoring and networking among professional women to help overcome gender discrimination and the glass ceiling -- in an interview featured in the Boston Business Journal. Ms. Godwin has led Granite City for over 40 years, growing the company from a single store to a $100 million company with 28 locations.

Are Americans adapting to global warming? Kirsten Howard '09 hits the road this summer to document community responses to climate change.

MAY 2013

Inspired by her mother, who worked three jobs to support her kids, Amie Darboe '10 wants young women to aim high.

Brown women from as diverse of places as Kenya, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, and Haiti, come together on the rugby field to propel the women's rugby to the National Championships - seven years running.

APRIL 2013

M.D./Ph.D. student Angel Byrd has earned many accolades and reseach opportunities. But she only recently won a young scientist's most coveted prize: publication as lead author of a paper highly esteemed by her colleagues.

MARCH 2013

Presiden Paxson made the case for the humanities during the opening presentation of the National Humanities Alliance's March 2013 annual meeting. She urged scholars to clearly communicate the benefits of their academic fields "...using all the humanistic tools at our disposal," or else, "The humanities are in danger of becoming something like a piñata."

Dr. Joan Teno MD, Professor of Health Systems, Policy and Practice at the Warren Alpert School of Medicine, makes the case for patient-centered end-of-life care.


All rise to congratulate Carmen Espinosa ’73 AM, who is poised to become the first Latina judge on Connecticut’s Supreme Court.

The women’s gymnastics team is vaulting over the competition. They may be young, but its members are growing in confidence as they break the Brown record for team score on vault twice.

Keep your fingers crossed for biographer Lisa Cohen ’84 whose book was shortlisted for the National Book Critics Circle Award.

Pirouettes in Damascus? Yes, says Rhodes Scholar Emma LeBlanc ’11 who documents ballet classes and other elements of everyday life amid Syria’s strife.

A life spent in the spotlight:  Kate Burton ’79 will receive the 2013 Pell Lifetime Achievement Award.

In a major new study, Dr. Joan Teno MMS’90, Professor of Health Services, Policy, & Practice and Professor of Medicine, raises concerns that before our dying loved ones receive hospice care, they may be subjected to unnecessarily aggressive treatments and transitions.

Congratulations to Pembroke Center Assistant Director Debbie Weinstein ’93 on the publication of her new book, The Pathological Family: Postwar America and the Rise of Family Therapy, which explores how family therapy developed against the intellectual and cultural landscape of postwar America.  

Alison Rutsch ’13 and Caitrin Watson ’13 are forging their own path as members of the first class of Brown-RISD Dual Degree program students who will be graduating in May. 


Professor Susan Alcock, Deputy Vice President for Research and Special Assistant to the Provost for Strategic Initiatives, discusses the strategic planning process for Brown and the Signature Academic Initiatives proposed by faculty.

As head coach of the women’s basketball team at the University of California at Berkeley, Lindsay Gottlieb ’99 has made the transition from a Brown Bear to a Golden one.

Wendy Schiller ADE’02 hon., Associate Professor of Political Science, comments on Rhode Island’s 2014 gubernatorial race.


The BDH catches up with Ebony editor-in-chief Amy Dubois Barnett '91.


Getting to know President Christina Paxson on WPRI’s Newsmakers.

SWAK! Oprah just stamped her approval on three memoirs by Brown writers Dawn Raffel ’79, Imran Ahmad ’04, and Lucia Greenhouse ’84.

Maggie Hassan '80 P’15 claims New Hampshire governor seat.

Rachel Chelsea Nagy, a doctoral student in ecology and evolutionary biology at Brown University, has been honored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


The local, Rhode Island and global Brown community gathered on October 27, 2012 to inaugurate Christina H. Paxson as 19th president.

The Center for Reproductive Rights, led by president and CEO Nancy Northup ’88, launched a new public service campaign featuring celebrities such as Meryl Streep, Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon P’14, Caroline Kennedy, etc.  (

Alexandra Kerry ’02 launched her own super Political Action Committee (PAC) called We the People which aims to “out-message” the anti-Obama advertising campaigns of the GOP-led super PACS.

The First Lady of Food, Dana Cowin ’82 editor of Food & Wine, delivers adventure in taste.  

Nina Dudnick ’98 has been named to Boston Business Journal’s 15th Annual 40 Under 40 list. Ms. Dudnick is the founder and CEO of Seeding Labs, a non-profit organization that empowers talented scientists in developing countries to conduct life-changing research.  

“The Lobster Mafia Story,” a short story written by Anna Solomon ’98, was selected as the 2012 Boston Book Festival “One City One Story”, all-city read.  Anna was the recipient of a 2011 Pushcart Prize.  


Semiotics continues to spawn maverick success stories. Becky Stark ’98 and her ambitious new album (produced by OK Go lead Damian Kulash ’98) are the latest.

Know someone serving in the military? No? That’s exactly the problem Julia Stern ’08 is talking about it.

Janet Yellen ’67. Yes, they do call her "the new Ben Bernanke.”

Julia L. Stern ’08 is a defense consultant in Washington and founder of The Service Project (, an oral history of the millennial generation’s spirit of service since 9/11, and a platform for connecting peers through stories.

Elizabeth Suneby ’80 and Diane Heiman ’80 have published It’s a Mitzvah (Jewish Lights Publishing), a children’s book for the High Holy Day season.  


Heather Leslie, the Sharpe Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, who is measuring the ocean health index.   

Brown Political Science Professor Rose McDermott discusses the “political genome”. 


“The next big act” for Oscar de la Renta P’83, P’88, P’92 includes his step-daughter Eliza Bolen ’92, creative director for licensed products at Oscar de la Renta Ltd, and her husband, Alex Bolen ’90, CEO of the company.  


danah boyd ’00, a senior researcher at Microsoft Research, a visiting researcher at Harvard University's Law School, and an adjunct associate professor at the University of New South Wales, is Cracking Teenagers’ Online Codes.