Fast Facts

Provided by Women's Leadership Council Member, Stacy Palmer '82

According to the 2011 Study of High Net Worth Women's Philanthropy and The Impact of Women's Giving Networks:

Most important reasons...
1.) They understand how their gift can make a difference
2.) They want to support an efficient organization
3.) They have a desire to give back to the community
4.) The donor feels financially secure

Least important reasons...
1.) To further business interests
2.) To honor the legacy of others
3.) Simply because they were asked



The Women’s Philanthropy Institute asked what the giving differences
are between male- and female-headed households. From their report,
we learn:

• In every income group, female-headed households were more likely to give than male-headed households.

• In four out of five income groups, women give twice as much as men.

One in 10 women gives to education while only eight percent of men do the same.

*SOURCE: Women's Philanthropy Institute, Indiana University


The last ten years have seen a significant shift in women’s philanthropy. More women are controlling greater wealth in the United Stated than ever before.

  • New study finds that women make more frequent charitable contributions, and at higher levels than their male counterparts.
  • According to Forbes, over the next four decades $41 trillion will change hands from one generation to the next, with 70% of this amount being controlled by women.
  • According to study by Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund, women play a dominant role in directing household charitable giving, based upon their own increasing contributions to household incomes and as beneficiaries of wealth transfers.
  • The country's wealthiest individuals (assets of more than $1.5 million or more) are 43% female according to the latest IRS data (2004 Personal Wealth Tables).
  • A July 2009 study shows that U.S. women donate more of their wealth to charity than men, giving an average of 3.5% of their wealth, while men give an average of 1.8%.

Women are a powerful force for philanthropy and the members of the Women's Leadership Council reinforce this notion with their own generous support of the University. Council members and their families have contributed more than $34 million of support for Brown, across a wide spectrum of priorities: Annual Fund, Scholarship Aid, Athletics, Endowed Faculty Support, Facilities, etc…

The Women's Leadership Council celebrates the many women that give to the University. No matter where your passions may lie, all support is applauded and appreciated.

For more information about the University’s myriad giving opportunities, please visit: Brown Annual Fund

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