Effort Reporting

Project Description:

The University is currently working on a project to assess whether to develop or purchase an on-line effort reporting system that will increase compliance and efficiency for effort reporting which is required by the Federal Government.  This electronic system will replace our high volume, manual, paper-intensive effort reporting process that is used today. 

Project Objectives:

 We envision this electronic system to include the following features:


  • Workflow, i.e., the development and implementation of sound and efficient business processes,
  • Electronic tracking and notification,
  • On line certification,
  • Electronic storage and archiving of effort reports,
  • Management reporting tools,
  • Audit trail of completed effort reports, and
  • Interface with Coeus to allow tracking of commitments and cost shared effort.


Project Governance:

  • Project Owners - Marisa Schasel and Regina White
  • Project Manager - Roberta Gordon

Timeline & Milestones

     Project Planning and Start-Up:  April 2010
Peer/Market Analysis: May – June 2010
Current Usage Assessment/Needs Assessment:  June – August 2010
     Business Requirements:
RFP, if deemed necessary: TBD
     Solution/Vendor Evaluation:
  October – November 2010
ITPRC Recommendation:  December 2010


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Project Feedback

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