ePAF (Electronic Personnel Action Form)

Project Description:

This project will replace our a high volume, manual, and paper-intensive process that is used to add new employees or make employee changes in our legacy HR/Payroll system with a secure electronic data entry form that includes the following functionality: 

  1. Ability to include and store documents and attachments,  
  2. Electronic routing and approvals, and  
  3. Automatically feed data to update our HR/Payroll system. 

Project Objectives:

The objective of this project is to create efficiencies in operations to:

  1. Replace paper document with electronic data entry form to initiate personnel action changes.
  2. Include routings and approvals.
    • Include ability to scan and/or upload documents.
    • Include system security and eliminate viewing of Social Security Number.
  3. Include ability to view history of changes.
  4. Include ability to update HR/Payroll System.

Project Governance:

  • Project Owners - Karen Davis,and Toni Tinberg
  • Project Manager - Roberta Gordon

Timeline & Milestones:

January to December 2010


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Project Feedback:

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