PRISM (Planning, Reporting, Information and Salary Management)

Project Description:

Brown’s current budget management (including financial planning) and salary increase processes are managed separately and use different systems that do not integrate with each other. Access to budget data is limited to 48 users, making budget creation, management and reporting difficult and inefficient.

With the purchase and implementation of IBM/Cognos’ TM1 product, Brown will be able to integrate budget management, financial planning and salary increase/planning, which will result in more efficient and effective management of our resources and enhance our analytic capabilities. Significantly more users will have access to the system (users are expected to increase from 48 to 400) which should improve management of budgets and salaries

Project Objectives:

  • Review current business processes related to budget management, financial planning and salary increases to develop optimized forms and processes.
  • Appropriate security so individuals can access only their data.
  • Development of standard reports plus the ability to generate ad hoc analysis.
  • Required interfaces with FRS and HRS, Brown’s current financial and human resource systems.
  • Training for the technical and implementation team
  • End user training

Project Governance:

  • Project Owners - Susan Howitt and Karen Davis
  • Project Manager - Mete Tunca

Timeline & Milestones:

  • Mid April - Mid/Late May:  Design Salary Increase Process
  • Mid/Late May - Mid/Late July:  Build Salary Increase Process
  • Early June - Mid/Late July:  Design Budget Process 
  • Mid/Late July - Early October:  Build Budget Process
  • Early October - Mid November:  Conduct Functional Testing
  • Mid November:  Go-live for Human Resource and Budget Offices
  • Mid November - Mid/Late January:  Documentation and End-User Training
  • Mid/Late January:  Go-live for University Departments


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